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10 Useful jQuery plugins from Github

10 Useful jQuery plugins from Github

Github is a great place to find useful and helpful stuff. And the beauty of it is that often in times you can don’t need to worry about doing things from scratch to solve problems because you can find exactly what you need in active communities like this. I’m always amazed about the quality of things developers put together and make available to us for free. You can find almost anything you need in there, you just need to dig around to find what you are looking for. From using plugins to solve something you need to expanding ideas to create a different version of it, Github is an amazing community and you should always pay attention to it. Continue reading →

An Infinite jQuery Slider Plugin With Modern Effects – Sequence

Sequence - jQuery Slider Plugin

Sequence is a jQuery plugin for sliding content without a default theme but leaving the complete control to you.

Any type of content can be used and they are displayed in an infinite slider logic.

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28 High-Quality jQuery Plugins For Building Responsive Websites


There is always a new challenge for web designers and developers.

One of the latest is definitely responsive web design; the art of serving the same web page to multiple devices which look good on all of them.

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