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Free PSD Kits for Metro & Flat UI Design


Microsoft has popularized the metro interface design with their mobile smartphone OS and the new release of Windows 8. Web designers have also picked up this trend in various layout elements such as headers, buttons, backgrounds, and hyperlinks. Continue reading →

A Huge & Free Flat UI Kit – Flatic


Flatic is a pretty big and free user interface kit that follows the flat design approach.

It includes almost any type popular UI elements from navigation to forms, pricing tables, datagrid and much more. Continue reading →

Box of Bundles – A Free Pack Of Creative Design Resources Every Month


Box of Bundles is a fresh website featuring a set of creative design resources that are available for free.

The bundle contains items like various vector UI elements, icons, templates (website, mobile, e-mail), CSS3 buttons and more.

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160 High-Quality & Free iPhone Toolbar Icons


The Working Group, a talented web agency, has created a set of pixel-perfect iPhone toolbar icons and released them for free.

iPhone Toolbar Icons consists of 160 items in transparent PNG which are sized 30*30px.

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A Complete Set Of Android Icons (15,000 Items)

IconShock, the icon design company behind many popular icon sets, is now sharing a huge set for Android designers/developers.

Android Icons Set consists of 15,000 items styled with the Android’s design guidelines and probably the most complete set for the platform.

There are 600 completely unique items while the rest are the addons (like “add file, edit file, delete file”) which is great to have the necessary action icons when needed. Continue reading →

5 Free jQuery Page-Flip Plugins For Book-Like Interfaces

Mimicking the interactions offline is always popular in the world of computers.

Page-flips are one of the most popular ones of them in web design. They are implemented very successfully in Flash, many websites, documents, magazines are being created/published each day.

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Free eBook: “Best of Smashing Magazine”

“Best of Smashing Magazine” Anniversary eBook

Smashing Magazine is an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers, with a focus on useful techniques, best practices and valuable resources. Back in September 2011, Smashing Magazine turned 5 years old and as a special thank you decided to release the “Best of Smashing Magazine” Anniversary eBook for FREE download.

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GuideGuide – Free Photoshop Plugin For Working With Grids

Designing grid-based layouts in Photoshop is usually a headache as it takes time to calculate and position many vertical + horizontal guides.

GuideGuide is a free Photoshop plugin which simplifies creating grids in Photoshop with only a few clicks.

GuideGuide Photoshop Plugin

After defining a few variables (number of rows/columns, gutter width, etc.), it instantly generates the grid using Photoshop guides. And, for any active selections in the document, the plugin sets the grid within the limits of the selection.

Also, any frequently-used grid settings can be saved for later use.

P.S. Smashing Magazine has a very nice article on the usage details of the plugin.

Small-Sized & Pixel-Perfect Vector Icons – Bijou

Bijou is a set of beautiful icons that are tiny-in-size yet pixel-perfect in details.

There are 120+ items in the set which consists of popular icons like charts, actions, arrows, smileys, etc.

The download package includes transparent PNGs, a PSD file with all the icons as layers and a Photoshop custom shapes version (.CSH).

Also, usage is free for personal and commercial projects (no attribution required).

Bijou - Free Vector Icons

Pixicus – A Set Of 106 High-Quality & Tiny Icons

PremiumPixels, a website by Orman Clark that regularly releases design freebies, has recently published a very nice set of icons.

The set is named Pixicus and it consists of 106 pixel-perfect icons that are mono colored.

There are 106 icons with items like actions, social networks, users or devices and they are in transparent PNG format with 12*12px sizes.

Pixicus Icons