How to Build a Website with Startup Framework for WordPress

Startup Framework for WordPress Tutorial

The Startup Framework for WordPress is a theme designed to help users create websites in an easy and intuitive way. Containing 100 blocks the framework offers a way to create various different designs. Extremely fast customisation means there’s endless opportunities for efficient website personalisation.

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Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Google SEO Starter Guide

This document first began as an effort to help teams within Google, but they thought it’d be just as useful to webmasters that are new to the topic of search engine optimisation and wish to improve their sites’ interaction with both users and search engines.

Although this guide won’t tell you any secrets that’ll automatically rank your site first for queries in Google (sorry!), following the best practices outlined in the guide will make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your website as well as understanding your content.

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50% OFF Startup Framework

Designmodo Startup Framework Discount

Designmodo are offering a 50% discount on the very popular Startup Design Framework for the next 5 DAYS.

Startup Framework is a tool to help create websites and is a nice addition for developers and designers. With every purchase of Startup Framework, you get access to Generator, an online website builder as well.

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15 Topmost Platforms to Create Killer Websites in 2014

eb Design Startup Framework

You’d be surprised how many businesses today need a website! According to a 2013 NSBA survey, almost one-fifth of small businesses still don’t have a traditional website; only 18% have a mobile site; and an infinitesimal 5% offer their customers an app. Yes, these statistics reveal that many businesses are stuck in the past. But it’s good news for our trade: we’re in demand! Web and graphic designers are in for a busy year. In the spirit of getting down to work building America’s websites, below is our list of the top 15 site-building platforms we recommend for 2014. Continue reading →

10 Useful jQuery plugins from Github

10 Useful jQuery plugins from Github

Github is a great place to find useful and helpful stuff. And the beauty of it is that often in times you can don’t need to worry about doing things from scratch to solve problems because you can find exactly what you need in active communities like this. I’m always amazed about the quality of things developers put together and make available to us for free. You can find almost anything you need in there, you just need to dig around to find what you are looking for. From using plugins to solve something you need to expanding ideas to create a different version of it, Github is an amazing community and you should always pay attention to it. Continue reading →

22 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Digital Graphics

Web designers can be limited in their creative ideas without obtaining further skills in graphic design. There are many page elements like icons, backgrounds, textures, and buttons that require an understanding of Photoshop and how to build digital graphics. Continue reading →

Free PSD Kits for Metro & Flat UI Design


Microsoft has popularized the metro interface design with their mobile smartphone OS and the new release of Windows 8. Web designers have also picked up this trend in various layout elements such as headers, buttons, backgrounds, and hyperlinks. Continue reading →

5 Steps to Dealing with Bullies at Work

Bullies have always been among us. The sad truth is that most of us have experienced a boss, supervisor, or co-worker who has treated us with disdain, contempt, or worse.

Some of us have been verbally attacked and even threatened with physical violence in our workplaces. Even sadder, perhaps, is the fact that few of us had the willingness to complain or report these activities, and simply remained silent in the face of attacks because we were afraid or just wanted to keep our job. Continue reading →

A Huge & Free Flat UI Kit – Flatic


Flatic is a pretty big and free user interface kit that follows the flat design approach.

It includes almost any type popular UI elements from navigation to forms, pricing tables, datagrid and much more. Continue reading →

Hire from Your Home Computer

I decided that I wanted to start my own blog about breeding dogs because I have been doing it as a full time business for the past twelve years. I am really looking forward to telling others about my experiences and even answering questions to those people that are going to have them for me when they read my blog. I want the people to be able to click on a link to send me a question, and I am even thinking of starting a Twitter account for direct contact with readers. Web designers in mumbai were available for hire online and I was looking at the different workers who had experience promoting a blog page. The blog page that I vision has dogs on it, with different interactive features. I would like a place for question and answers, an area where people could click to interact with each other, and a place where people could send me a private email if they would like to talk to me in private.

At first, I went to local web designers to see if they could help me with my blog but I found that hey were all too expensive and they also wanted to do my page on their own terms; they didn’t want to hear anything that I had to say about my web page. I was really happy to find someone that wanted to work with me and hear my ideas for the page. Besides listening to what I had to say, I am able to pay the designer through an online payment system that is very well respected and has a money back guarantee in case my money is not going to the right person. There are many great reasons to use a person hired through the net and I am glad I did so.